Why Choose KraftPowercon?

Experience the 80-Year Difference

On October 16, 1935 we received our very first order. There is no educator like experience and 80 plus years has taught us how to effectively maintain the delicate balance between pioneering new technology and making our clients a priority. Since that first order KraftPowercon has grown to be a globally respected brand.

Working with clients, not just for them

At KraftPowercon, we are with you before, during and after your purchase. Our friendly staff and servicing technicians are trained to repair, troubleshoot, and teach preventative care both remotely and onsite. Clients, such as BMW, Boeing Space, Rolls Royce Energy Systems, Unitech, etc. can attest to our dedication to efficient and dependable products and customer service.

The quality of our products

Our FlexKraft and DC power supply products are robust, high quality, and exceedingly reliable state of the art technology. Our customizable or “best fit” solution is used to reduce downtime, lower associated costs, and improve energy savings. Our power systems guarantee continuous operation of your processes so that you can focus on your core business.

To learn more about the flexibility and added benefits of our products please reference Why Choose FlexKraft™?.

We Won’t Let You Down

Every aspect of our business is meant to improve yours. KraftPowercon has not just survived the test of time, we flourished with it. We have set the industry standard for durability; not just with our products but as a company. Our exceptional client services oriented team is waiting for your call. We encourage you to experience the successes that KraftPowercon can provide.