Surface Finishing

Metal finishing, plating-on-plastics, surface preparation,
and anodizing are part of our DNA

Based on our unprecedented experience of switch mode rectifiers for the Surface Finishing industry, the FlexKraft is designed and built to meet our customer’s highest performance requirements. The result: easy to use and maintain rectifiers that run 24/7 at full load under the most demanding operating conditions.

The feedback from our customers speaks for itself: the FlexKraft and Surface Finishing is a match made in heaven.

Below some of the main reasons why Surface Finishers Worldwide Choose FlexKraft:

The FlexKraft™ offers near 90% efficiency across the output range. This could mean significant cost savings as compared to traditional thyristor controlled (SCR) rectifiers. A study made by one of our customers showed that the FlexKraft consumed 34% less energy than one of their SCR units when powering identical plating processes. In addition, the FlexKraft™ units offer very little reactive power consumption, which will help you avoid unnecessary penalties on your energy bill.

The FlexKraft™ is designed for 24/7 max load operations in harsh conditions to offer the highest possible reliability. In addition, the modular design also makes sure to minimize downtime; if one Power Module should fail, the rectifier will still run at reduced output power. This will help you “save” the batch being processed and is a smart investment for anyone working with demanding and time-consuming processes of high value goods.

The simple design offers easy and fast access to all components within the rectifier. This feature combined with a simple trouble shooting procedure means that our units can be easily serviced by a local staff. This reduces the potentially high costs of a standstill and increases your plant’s overall availability. FlexKraft™ has independent settings for current and voltage, and you can alter the set changes during operation. Using one and the same interface, the FlexKraft™ is available for plating power 0 – 30,000 Amps.

The FlexKraft™ guarantees ripple below 2% across the entire regulation range (0-100% output). Typical ripple is even lower — under most load conditions ripple is below 0.2%. This high quality of the output current combined with the pinpoint accuracy in the settings (set current: 0.1A and set voltage: 0.01V) promotes unparalleled results for sensitive processes like chrome plating.

Thanks to the modular design you only pay for the power you need. Should your future power requirements change, don’t worry! You do not have to invest in a new rectifier. The FlexKraft™ is easily upgradeable with more power — simply add more power modules to increase your power.

One of the things that makes the FlexKraft™ stand out from the competition is the ability to have multiple individually controlled outputs (powering multiple tanks) integrated in one stack. This is both cost effective — save up to 10-15% per output — as well as space saving for your business.

Local & Global Service

From our service center in Fairfield, CT and through our partners across the US KraftPowercon will always offer our FlexKraft™ user’s professional support. In fact, with our global presence we will make sure to keep our promise wherever you are — we won’t let you down.