Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is dependent on the location. We suggest using our water-cooled units in harsher environments. For further information please contact a KraftPowercon service engineer.

Our service engineers can be reached at (475) 422-9444.

Please notify your service representative of the manufacturing number, rectifier output ratings, rectifier size, and any warning messages appearing on the unit.

Yes, if you need your rectifier calibrated please contact a service engineer at (475) 422-9444.

The serial number is a combination of the Manufacturing number and the Serial number. To find these two numbers, please look on the left backside of your FlexKraft™ Rectifier.

Yes, due to our unique modular design, our FlexKraft™ Rectifiers are built with the flexibility to upgrade to meet your business’ growing needs. If you have any inquiries about upgrading or adjusting your FlexKraft™ Rectifier, please contact your service engineer at (475) 422-9444.